On 26 June 2017, Theresa May's Conservative government signed a £1billion deal with the DUP in return for their support

Do you believe it is simply OK for Mrs May to have effectively purchased her Parliamentary "majority" , following the General Election she called , by agreeing her "deal" with the DUP? You may be aware that this deal was described in a letter to the Times of 28 June, by an eminent retired Judge, as a bribe, citing the 2010 Bribery Act. The situation is therefore that Mrs May's government could now be argued to be reliant on a "majority" which has been obtained by paying a bribe of £1 billion, using tax-payers money. If you believe that this matter should now be investigated, please add your name at the sign-up list. Once the number signed up reaches 1000, the intention is for the signatories to report the matter, and ask for a full criminal investigation.

A recent petition on Change.org called on Mrs May to resign over the DUP "deal" . The petition attracted 753,084 signatures , and was delivered to no 10 Downing Street. By all means add your name here , if you are one of those signatories, and you feel that this matter cannot simply be allowed to rest,  with its consequent damage to British democracy.


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