Progress Report

20 November 2017

We emailed you all with the following:

Our liaison officer at the Metropolitan Police Service has today informed us that the allegation of bribery by Theresa May's government is "currently under assessment by the Special Enquiry Team".

We believe Assessment is the next step before Investigation.

23 October 2017

We emailed you all with the following:

At a meeting with Sir Geoffrey Nice QC and Mr Hamid Sabi , we came to the conclusion that we should now make the letter of 18th September to Cressida Dick public , as well as the response of Ms Dick's Office, so these communications are attached. We now await a substantive response from the Metropolitan Police. Should the Police decide not to investigate the DUP "deal" as a possible breach of the 2010 Bribery Act , one way forward would be to apply for a Judicial Review of their decision, and Sir Geoffrey suggested that signatories should be alerted to the fact that in that event we would need to raise funds for that course of action, most probably by way of crowd funding.

Letter to Commissioner Dick   Reply from Scotland Yard